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Safe seafood

salmon proceccing plant

To ensure food safety in Norway, the seafood industry is thoroughly monitored and controlled by a number of institutions. The Norwegian government's monitoring programs confirm that it is safe to eat farmed salmon.

Farmed salmon for dinner?

Filet of salmon in pieces

The Norwegian health authorities recommend that we include more fish in our diets. The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends eating fish for dinner two to three times per week.

Farmed salmon is safe for pregnant women

An example of a delicious salmon plate

Pregnant women are not exposed to harmful amounts of pollutants by eating farmed salmon. Oily fish has a positive effect on the development of fetuses and infants.

Does farmed salmon contain pollutants?


Much of the food we eat contain small amounts of pollutants, and farmed salmon is no exception. However, the benefits of eating fish outweigh the negligible risk posed by the current levels of pollutants and other known contaminants.