Fish farms surrounded by snowcapped mountains.
Salmon and environment

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fishing cages in a fjord

Norwegian authorities require that the Norwegian salmon farming industry takes environmental, economic and social conditions into account.

Salmon lice

Closeup photo of lice on a salmon

Salmon lice (lepeophtheirus salmonis) occur naturally in seawater all over the northern hemisphere.

Environmental certifications

Fish farm in a norwegian fjord with snow covered mountains

Certifications carried out by external third parties have a strong focus on sustainability. Farming companies must meet a number of requirements in the various standards in order to be certified. Here are some of the most well-known standards:

Emissions from fish farms

A fish farm

The Norwegian coast is characterized by deep fjords and a northbound current that contributes to a high level of water exchange.  Emissions of nutrients and organic matter from aquaculture sites do not constitute an environmental problem.

Escaped fish

The Norwegian aquaculture industry has an ambitious goal of zero salmon escapes, however escaped fish remains a challenge for the industry.